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About the program

The work2future Youth Program is a specialized initiative that focuses on providing support and opportunities for young individuals 16 to 24 years old in Santa Clara County.

Through the work2future Youth Program, participants can access a range of services including career counseling, job readiness training, educational support, paid internships, apprenticeships, and connections to employment opportunities.

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Out-of-School Youth

Out-of-School Youth

This program is for young adults 18 to 24 years old who are not attending school, are low income, and have one or more barriers to employment or education. Join today!

In-School Youth

In-School Youth

work2future's in-school young adult program is for youth ages 16 to 21, currently attending high school or college. See if you qualify for work2future's supportive services and training at no cost - to you! 

Current Programs

young adult program

work2future Young Adult programs for youth ages 16 to 24. Includes internships, paid-trainings, hands on paid work experience, and so much more. There is a number of opportunities for the young adults of Santa Clara County. 

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Client workshops

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with a number of no cost job readiness workshops offered free to all work2future clients. View our current workshops and get started with a career coach to join.

San Jose Works

San Jose Works

San José Works places youth ages 14 to 18 with barriers to employment in a Paid Work Experience Program. Youth ages 16 to 29 are placed into a city-wide Employment and Career Services Program or Direct Employment Opportunities with private employers.

career centers

career centers

View are list of career centers located around Santa Clara County. You can visit a location for assistance, free resources, and more. Find the location nearest you.

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I am in High School, and my mom wants me to get a job. Can you help me? How much does career coaching cost?


If you live in San José, you can participate in San José Works. The program offers paid work experience for young adults ages 16 to 29.  If you live in Santa Clara County, but not in San José, you need to be 18 years or older to participate in work2future’s career programs. For more information about San José Works, please contact Ruby Carrasco at ruby.carrasco@sanjoseca.gov.

How are the young adult programs different from your Career Coaching program?

Our young adult program is designed to help you find a career path you will love and will love you back. The program provides all the same benefits of our Career Coaching program but is tailored to the needs of young adults, who are not in school and have challenges achieving their employment or educational goals.

I have a job and am going to college. can you help me?

work2future’s Career Coaching program is open to everyone 18 years and older, living in Santa Clara County, regardless of income, job or school status. we work with hundreds of local employers in high-growth industries who give young people the chance to experience their company culture. Real-life work experience will help you clarify your goals and give you a competitive edge. If you decide college is not right for you or just not right for you “right now”, work2future offers over 150 professional certificate programs that can have you working in an in-demand career within a year.

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