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provide valuable work experience and training to local job seekers.

work2future Work Experience [WEX] and On-The-Job Training [OJT] programs provide real-life experience to job seekers with little or no work experience and those looking to experience a new occupation

  • • work2future pays all or a portion of program participants wages.
  • • select from a pool of screened candidates -  the ultimate hiring decision is yours.
  • • employer support to ensure prompt response to issues and questions.
  • • additional hiring incentives for employment beyond the program period may be available.

work experience program [WEX]

  • • subsidized wages.
  • • easy application process
  • • Work Experience provides youth and adult job seekers with valuable real-world experience.
  • • giving back to the community and create career/industry awareness.

on the job training program [OJT]

  • • be matched with and train a new employee with the help of work2future.
  • • train up a candidate.
  • • work2future subsidizes a portion of wages during the training period.


funded by the City of San Jose presented in partnership with Bridge to Recovery through December 30th.

CARES WEX provides income assistance for lower-income individuals who lost jobs during the COVID pandemic.

  • • get entry-level help at no cost to you.
  • • wages paid by work2future up to $20/hr.
  • • participants screened for soft skills and transferable experience. 
  • • program period is up to 40 hours a week for up to 10 weeks.
  • • help those hardest hit by COVID-19 in our community.


how much does it cost to become a work2future employer partner?


work2future’s Business Services team assists companies at no cost thanks to federal funding under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act [WIOA].

how much extra work will this require of my team?


typically, the level of supervision and training provided does not exceed the existing time your team commits to onboarding and training an entry-level team member.

We can't afford to take on extra help right now.


work2future pays all or a portion of program participants wages.

how long will this person be with us and what happens afterwards?


on-the-job training [OJT] period can vary between 2 to 4 months.

work experience [WEX] assignments are up to 10 weeks.

while there is no requirement to hire a WEX program participant at the end of the placement, we strive to match business with great people.  employers can hire a WEX program participant without incurring a conversion fee.

additional incentives may be available for employment beyond the program period.

what's the difference between OJT and WEX?

participants in the On-The-Job Training program are tranee level employees with a 90 day retention requirement beyond the training period.  Subsidized wages are only paid by work2future during the training period.

Work Experience [WEX] program placements will not be empolyees of the company.  work2future uses a third-party 'employer of record' to minimizes costs for participating employers.

there is no requirement to hire a WEX participant at the end of the placement period.  an employer can hire a WEX participant without incurring a conversion fee.

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