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“...the confidence or skill to negotiate for the package I wanted...”

if it was not for work2future, I would not have had the confidence or skill to negotiate for the package I wanted that worked for my family.  My coach taught me compensation is not just about the salary. The skills she taught me allowed me to get everything I wanted; flexible hours, work from home flexibility, and no-cost benefits.”

A Jobseeker


“...the center opens you up to opportunity...”

“I was really discouraged, and my self-esteem had taken a beating from the constant rejection.  it just takes a toll, and you feel useless. the center opens you up to opportunity.  it is up to you to stop struggling and succeed.

U. Succeed


“...looking for a subject matter expert..”

“I had been out of the workforce for 5-6 years. I did not know how to get back in. What were the trends and methods?  I was looking for a subject matter expert. The classes and counseling helped me to make changes for success.  I started feeling better and got back my self-confidence.”

Ineed Approval

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North San José Job Center
California EDD
1901 Zanker Road, San José

Gilroy Job Center
South County Social Services
379 Tomkins Court, Gilroy

Your local America’s Job Centers are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except when closed for holiday observance.

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