start building your skills today!

talk to your Career Coach to determine the opportunities that are right for you. they can register you for workshops or online learning.

update your skills or get a certification employers are looking for to boost your job prospects.

as a work2future client, you have access to:

experience programs

work2future Work Experience and On-The-Job Training programs provide real-life experience to job seekers with little or no work experience and those looking to experience a new occupation


power up your job search!

with no cost resume building workshops.


training programs

our training partners specialize in launching new careers and updating career skills.

choose from more than 150 professional certificate programs in in-demand occupations and high-growth industries.

on-demand training

update your skills or get a certification employers are looking for to boost your job prospects.

learn online at your own pace for FREE!



“...not just back doing what I love, I am better at it thanks to the training at work2future...”

“work2future increased my self-confidence to get back there and do what I do best.   I was able to fill the gap in my skills, and I am back working in my field. I am using the knowledge I gained in the project management training in managing other people. I am not just back doing what I love; I am better at it thanks to the training at work2future.”

- Monica P


what sort of training and workshops do you offer?


• you can refresh your skills or learn something new with a free workshop or a professional certificate program. 

check out our Workshop Calendar to see what is happening this month. 

• we offer over 150 professional certificate programs in partnership with our Local Eligible Training Providers [ETPL].

I am interested in a certificate program. am I guaranteed a place in the program?


we try to provide as many clients as possible with training.  certificate programs have special enrollment requirements, such as recent lay-off, Veteran status, or income limits. your career coach will be able to determine if you qualify for program enrollment.

does work2future pay for the whole training program?


the work2future training team will provide you with all the program cost information. the cost varies between programs with many programs available at or below the share work2future pays.   financial aid may be available to cover costs not covered by work2future. a financial aid counselor at the school can assist you with applying for financial aid.

can you help me finish High School or with my English skills?


one of our Adult and Community Education partners can help you.  they are on-site for drop-in meetings at the San José job center.  contact your Career Coach for drop-in hours or find an Adult and Community Education program near you.

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