SKILLFUL® Talent workshops 101+102

for Employers and Human Resources Professionals

Skills-based hiring will get you the best talent. Traditional hiring and recruitment methods may be keeping you from finding the skilled workforce that you need to succeed.

  • – A skills-based hiring approach can help you expand your talent pool, reduce bias, and increase diversity in your workforce.
  • – Most job openings list requirements that create barriers eliminating more than 95% of possible applicants.
  • – Learn the benefits of implementing a skills-based hiring approach to attract and retain talent for hard-to-fill positions.

Learn about a skills-based hiring approach that recognizes people for their skills instead of hiring based on credentials such as a degree. 

Workshops are available to Bay Area businesses at no cost through the Bay Area Consortium of Workforce Boards.

Workshop 101: Attract the Right Talent

Hiring the right employee is more important than ever. As the economy changes, our hiring practices should adapt to ensure that we hire the best employees possible. A skills-based approach to hiring can increase retention by up to 65% and improve staff performance.

Reduce bias to improve inclusivity and equity in your hiring process. Join us to learn how to attract the right candidates based on their skills and not proxy.

  • – How to focus your job posting on the skills candidates need to succeed
  • – Broaden your talent pools to all qualified applicants
  • – How to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion while reducing bias in your hiring process
  • – Source and recruit the right talent that you are struggling to find

Future-proof your workforce by focusing on skills in your talent management process. By concentrating on competencies, you can hire better candidates, speed up your time-to-hire, increase employee retention and engagement, and improve your company’s diversity.

Workshop 102: Candidate Evaluation

People are crucial for a company’s success. By emphasizing a candidates’ skills in an interview and through skill assessments you’ll be able to double the effectiveness of your interview process and choose the candidate most likely to succeed. You will learn how to hire the right candidate by using inclusive interview questions that evaluate skills regardless of where or how they were learned.

  • – Avoid filtering out qualified candidates in the screening process
  • – Craft interview questions that allow candidates’ the opportunity to demonstrate occupational and foundational (also known as “hard” and “soft”) skills
  • – Select and design an assessment to accurately evaluate candidates’ skills

This program is valid for a total of 4.0 PDCs for the SHRM-CP(r) or SHRM-SCP(r).


Jun 08 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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