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Blueprint Reading

This course is specially designed for students who do not have a background in this subject and want to join the manufacturing industry as a blueprint reader. The workshop will cover various aspects of Blueprint Reading and will be offered as an integrated course that will include lectures, assignments, simple quizzes, and practical examples. This course will go beyond the basic introductory concepts. Students will learn:

  • Basic concepts like dimensions and units, unit conversion, measuring tools.
  • Difference between accuracy, precision, and resolution.
  • Significance of various types of lines and their patterns and their symbols will be discussed.
  • Engineering drawings will be introduced by looking at various sectional views through class practice assignments.
  • Symbols for surface finish and engineering tolerances will be covered.
  • Specifications and callout for machining processes including drills, reamers, counterbore, countersink, and surface textures will be discussed. T
  • Types of holes, threaded sections, chamfers, and various types of weld symbols will be introduced.

The Last part of the course will cover topics related to the documentation emphasizing the title block, bills of material, and drawing notes that always appear on the final blueprint of the design.

Prerequisites: None


Jul 19 2021


Series of 8 classes for 24 course hours
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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