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applications are being accepted until 5:00pm on Friday, October 22nd.

did you ever dream about exploring the universe?

    • 👉 enjoy working on bikes or microwave ovens?

    • 👉 ever attend space camp?

    • 👉 wish you were a part of Geordi's engineering team aboard the starship Enterprise?

    • 👉 build a nuclear reactor out of your twin sister's easy bake oven? [okay, probably not]


      we're not recruiting for Starfleet, but you can be a part of a team-building the microelectronics empowering the world's leading spacecraft.


      industry leader CAES has partnered with work2future and Evergreen Valley College to provide a pathway to full-time, permanent, technician-level employment in electronics manufacturing.  this program is for people with no prior experience in electronics. trainees who successfully complete the program will be eligible for employment by CAES.

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earn+learn programs provide financial support through earned wages, real-world work experience, paid training, career coaching, and a range of supportive services.

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    • 💵 $19.00/hr + additional career and supportive services

    • ⏰ 40 hours a week

    • 📅 10-week program

    • 📍 Worksite located in South San Jose


❗️Friday, October 22, 2021, at 5:00 pm, last day to submit an application

  • 🗓 November 1st and 2nd, zoom interviews scheduled

  • 🗓 Wednesday, November 3, 2021, in-person onboarding

  • 🗓  Monday, November 8, 2021 program start date

is this program for you?


supporting the assembly and testing of complex electronic products working in a highly technical environment where precision and attention to detail are vital. you may work on preparing material for assembly, assembling mechanical or electronic parts, or testing electronic assemblies.

this position requires access to technology, materials, software, or hardware that is controlled by US export laws.

  • » follow detailed instructions as part of the manufacturing team.
  • » carefully review your work for compliance to documented processes and accurately complete required documentation.
  • » work independently and with a small team to meet daily production goals.
  • » participate in daily team meetings and document progress to goals on a daily basis.
  • » maintain a neat and orderly work area.
  • » strictly follow all safety and security policies and guidelines.



    • ✅ attention to detail and ability to carefully follow written and verbal instructions.
    • ✅ ability to carefully handle delicate hardware and use hand tools such as tweezers and small screwdrivers.
    • ✅ good time management skills and ability to multi-task.
    • ✅ desire to perform work tasks using a microscope.
    • ✅ basic computer skills, including file management and email.
    • ✅ good written and verbal communication skills



      • » ability to obtain and maintain security clearance.
      • » a “US Person” under US export laws (or eligible for approval under a U.S. Government export license).



    • » math/algebra skills are a plus for certain roles
    • » High School diploma (or equivalent)



CAES is people-focused and mission-driven and offers employees limitless possibilities for extraordinary careers. We go the extra mile to tackle every challenge and meet the highest standards. We are steadfast in our quest to be the best, knowing that the quality of our work saves lives and defends our country.

CAES technology enables missions in the most challenging markets. From deep space to the depths of the ocean and everywhere in between, our innovative solutions are designed and built for the most challenging environments leveraging both proven and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Our radhard microelectronics empower the world’s leading spacecraft: from leading high throughput commercial communications satellites, earth observation satellites, and manned space, to high priority national security missions, deep space exploration to Mars and beyond, and the latest new space constellations. In addition, our high-reliability microelectronics enable genome sequencers and CT scanners that health care professionals use to improve people’s health, including helping to diagnose COVID-19.

is this program for you?


intensive training in Advanced Manufacturing will be provided by Evergreen Valley College. job-related skills and industry-standard procedures will be taught using a practical approach. program participants will learn basic electrical theory and about material properties, processes, and applications.

upon successful completion of the program, trainees will receive college credit for the following courses which can be applied towards Evergreen Valley College's Advanced Manufacturing Level 1 Certificate:

  • » Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing [MFGT 101]
  • » Math for Manufacturing [MFGT 102]
  • » Fundamental Electronics for Manufacturing [MFGT 201]
  • » Properties of Materials for Manufacturing [MFGT 202]

trainees are strongly encouraged to complete the Advanced Manufacturing Level 1 Certificate.

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acceptance into the program is not a guarantee of employment.

candidates must meet program funding requirements, employer hiring requirements, and satisfactorily complete the program to be considered for full-time employment with CAES.

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